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Studio Update: Week of 3/3- 3/9/24

In my head I had big plans for this week. I have been itching to start a sculptural plate set as well as a second "head- in- hole board" jar set. I thought for sure I would get to that this week. Monday was my out of commission day, as the previous week was so hectic and frankly I needed to catch up on cleaning, laundry and groceries. Walking into the studio on Tuesday, I was reminded that I have not finished decorating my teapots that I am collaborating with GH on. That takes top priority on finishing. I thought for sure I would finish that on Tuesday... think again! I finished those Teapots several days later, on Friday night. This is one of those weeks where I just can't seem to find enough time in the studio to get done what I need, despite hardly having any free time. We are in the busy season I guess, and I will have to be okay with an hour here, 3 hours there, 30 mins here, 2 hours there. I want a good 8 hour uninterrupted studio session, where I can put on a good TV show and really knock out some things on my list. I am hopeful that I can have two days of that next week as it is technically my spring break. I'm off work on Monday and Tuesday and no class means I could have two full studio days back to back, uninterrupted!!! I am looking forward to that. It's crazy to feel so stretched thin, but also so energized to create new things at the same time. I guess that's how you know you are doing what you should be.

Earlier this week we had a make-a-thon after class to prepare for an Empty Bowls event coming up in April. I have done an empty bowls every year since I have started ceramics and it is a great cause. The proceeds from the sale, at this university, goes to their food pantry to help fight food insecurity. Anyways, Lilly was going to order Texas Roadhouse before the make-a-thon because she had a gift card, and then we were all basically foaming at the mouth to also have Texas Roadhouse ( have you had those rolls???). So to kick off our make-a-thon, We sat in the studio with our steak, rolls, and plastic cutlery and started up Dune 1 on the projector. It was a funny thing to experience. GH convinced me that throwing off the hump would be fun and an efficient way to knock out my bowls. WRONG!!! I have never thrown off the hump before and honestly I think I was way too tired to try something new. It is quite the learning curve. I was able to get a couple bowls by the end of the night but I kind of wish I would have saved the experimentation for another night. I probably will revisit trying to learn how to throw off the hump maybe over the Summer, as it is a good skill to have.

Image 1- 7 : Various teapots I decorated this week.

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