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Studio Update: Week of 4/21- 4/27

This week we had some events happening in the studio. On Tuesday, we kicked the morning off with our annual empty bowls event. For those of you that don't know what this event is, it's a fundraiser where we sell handmade bowls and the proceeds go directly to the IU food pantry to help with food insecurity. We all made 10 or more bowls for the event and ended up with over 100 bowls to sell. The event went well and we ended up raising over 1,700 dollars for the food pantry! Later that day we were throwing a barbeque at the studio to celebrate the nearing end of the semester. I ended up bringing in my dog to the studio for a bit while I worked on decorating my sculpture so that he could join us for the barbeque. On Thursday we had our big studio clean up day.

My main goal this week for my practice was to get most of my piece decorated with the tera sigilatta so I can start letting it slowly dry out. I ended up finishing up most of it with a few final touches that need to be made this coming week. I have not yet started the arches for the piece but I am becoming less sure that this specific piece needs them. Instead I think the arches will be a supplementary piece on a different pedestal. Final Critiques are this next week and I'm feeling a little disappointed that I could not get this piece at least bisqued before then, but I would rather give it the time it needs to be made well. It is the largest and most complex piece I have ever made and that is going to take more time than usual, I just keep reminding myself that.

Image 1: Kade and I are matching in the studio

Image 2: One of my bowls for the Empty Bowls event

Image 3: The post baccs at the Empty Bowls event

Image 4: Oakley is chilling in his doggy stroller while I work. He's the perfect studio dog!

Image 5: Decorating the Mama Bird

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