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Studio Update: Week of 4/7 - 4/13/24

This week started off with the solar eclipse! We live in an area that got about 99% totality so I took the day off from the studio and enjoyed the natural phenomenon. I went to a park in Louisville with some friends and we layed out on a blanket, read tarrot cards and watched the Eclipse. I drew the moon card which I thought was cool, considering the day.

In the studio this week I mainly focused on getting the body finished on my bird sculpture. Nothing glamorous just a lot of pinching, stepping back, and reassessing. By the end of the week I had most of the body finished and felt good about making a game plan to reattach the legs in the next week. I also started to question the support rods I made in the base sculpture and decided to cut them off. Instead, I will drill a hole and attach metal rods after the firing. I think this will be more supportive and easier to adjust post firing. By the end of the week I am pretty overwhelmed with how much counter space this is all taking up and I ended up having to roll a cart into my studio for some overflow counter space.

Image 1: Set up for Eclipse day!

Image 2: Eclipse glasses are silly

Image 3: The Moon Tarot Card

Image 4: The body of my bird sculpture is coming along!

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