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Dinner Party Series

The Dinner Party Series started as a means for documenting work, current relationships, and settings in my life. Years ago, I was gifted a book for documenting the people that were important to me. Upon receiving this gift, I smiled politely and said, "thank you for the gift".  Then I immediately forgot about it! At the time, I thought I would have the same people in my life forever. Obviously, this was long before I finished college and moved multiple times. I have since experienced new apartments, new towns, new roommates, and new friends while not always getting to maintain the same type of close relationships with people I once took for granted. This led to a need for documenting the current people and settings I interact with daily. A lot of my work comes from reflecting on interactions with those close to me, so it felt fitting to have some sort of documentation with some of those people.


2023 Dinner Party. New Albany, Indiana

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