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Studio Update: Week of 4/14- 4/20/24

The theme for this week was "make it through" and I accomplished that, but barley. I started training at a new job this week, and combined with my current job, I worked about 47 hours on top of the studio. In the studio my main goal was to get my bird sculpture standing, which is something I have been nervous about. I was able to get it standing and I added extra support by creating an extra sculptural item that will give it three points of contact with the base, rather than 2. Once the bird was standing, I started decorating the base of the sculpture, which I have been slowly drying out. I also sanded and glazed all my bowls for our empty bowls event the following Tuesday. I wish I could have gotten a big studio push in this week but the reality is that I could only get a couple hours in each day between jobs. I am really looking forward to a reduced schedule in the coming weeks so I can finish up these big projects that I have set my mind to.

I have also been going back and forth on what I want my next year to look like. I have a great residency application written out, that I have been working on for weeks. However, after a lot of assessing and talking with studio mates, I think I will stay put for one more year since the opportunity presented itself. I feel like I am in a sweet spot with my work at the moment and a lot of good will come from staying put. I want to start playing around with how I choose to display works and I think our small exhibition space on campus will be the perfect place to do that. I am imagining color blocked patches on the wall to create colorful little " stalls" for my work to live in. I also want to make some colorful pedestals to match. I also have a lot of good things going for me in the space at the moment. I have a good deal on an apartment, a good roommate situation, good connections with people in town, and a good studio set up. The final deciding factor, sue me, was a tarot card reading from my roommate. A tarot card literally fell out of the deck that was all about staying put over taking an opportunity. I am feeling really confident about my ability to apply to opportunities currently so I'm sure that confidence will carry over into the next application cycle as well.

Image 1: She stands!

Image 2: Butt pix

Image 3: Support item is added

Image 4: The start to decorating the base

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