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Studio Update: Week of 2/4/24- 2/10/24

Well I said I was done with the brown clay, but turns out the brown clay is not done with me. I had 10 gallons of reclaim I needed to process so that I could use the buckets for something else. So Monday, I took a couple hours out of my day to reclaim and wedge about 400 llbs of clay. My plan is to use the brown bear mainly for plates until I run out of it. After the clay was ready I threw about 8 plates, which is about the max number of plates that I can babysit while they dry properly. If you've thrown plates, you know the struggle. While those were drying, I threw about 15 mugs and cups. This batch of work is strictly functional, and the next batch will be another sculpture. My brain works well this way. As the week came to a close, the dirtbags had our last NCECA fundraising sale at Canary Club. The sale went well and we have finally met our goal to get us all to NCECA in March.

Image 1: Reclaim on the table

Image 2: Reclaim ready to wedge

Image 3: Wedged Reclaim ( You can tell me I'm strong now)

Image 4: Some mugs I put together this week

Image 5: Dirt Bags Sale!

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