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Studio Update: Week of 2/18- 2/24/24

I started this week with a packaging day. I needed to pack my piece that will be going to NCECA for the student juried show. I will be driving the piece there instead of shipping but I need to do a really good job packing it for a couple of reasons.

1) I want it to look professional when I drop it off.

2) I want the practice of packing larger boxes with sculptures

3) My friend had a gut feeling that if I took the first route available on my drive something would happen and my piece would also break... and I'm a superstitious person

I pack with insulation foam, which has gotten so crazy expensive!!! A precut square has nearly tripled in price since covid, so I decided to get one of the giant uncut sheets. I'm going to cut it up anyways. The only problem is, it was too big to fit in my car so I had to cut it down with my keys in the parking lot and in my head all the home depot people laughed as they walked by. But, I saved so much money that I would do it again. As I prepared for my drive to Virginia I was looking ahead at deadlines. There were a lot of things I wanted to apply to with a deadline of March 1, and to get this batch of work through in time, I needed to fire a bisque kiln before I left for Virginia. Which means that I needed to finish decorating all of my work in time to dry and load into the kiln before Sunday. When I tell you I hustled this week, believe me. But it all worked out and I got my stuff loaded in time.

Image 1: Packaging my piece

Image 2: The three clown heads are getting boxed separately

Image 3: Plate Butt!!!

Image 4: Plate Butt!!!

Image 5: A light snack next to the wax I use for surface decoration

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