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Studio Update: Week of 1/21/24- 1/27/24

This week I worked on assembling some of my slab structures from last week and then I tested out a faux mishima technique that I found in one of my tera sig. books. I was really attracted to this technique because it will still allow me to do sgraffito line work but now I will be able to control the color of the outline. It is also really satisfying to wipe away color from a wax resist. I think this technique will give me another level of control for my work that I am always in search for. It opens up the door for more variations and opportunities with existing designs. I finished the green state of my first jar set and I am feeling so proud and excited for where my work is heading. I am excited to explore more jar forms as well because I feel like they are the perfect mix of flat surface for decoration with a sculptural moment on the knob. As the week comes to a close, the two 5 gallon buckets of brown bear reclaim haunt me as I move away from this dark clay body. I need the buckets for new reclaim so I will need to dry and wedge up all that clay soon. I'm thinking I will use it to make some plates and incorporate some of my new techniques on them while still letting the dark clay body take center stage.

Image 1: Jar set

Image 2: Jar set side profile

Image 3: new knob for an upcoming jar, its not a drumstick!

Image 4: attachments for a cake stand

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