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Studio Update: Week of 9/25/23

I feel like I did nothing and everything all at the same time this week. Studio wise, I have been moving a little slower as I have been getting plates and cups to the right dryness for trimming. Outside of the studio, I put a lot of work into editing pictures as well as getting ready for a photoshoot I had planned with a photographer friend. This photoshoot is something I have been dreaming about for the past year at least. I have done a couple mock trials of this idea on my own, but basically I had envisioned a crazy dinner setting with my work. I wanted everyone involved to be someone important in my life at the time and I wanted to dress everyone crazy and camp. The whole vibe needed to be fun, crazy and silly. This will be a fun way to document work and it will be a good way to document the people in my life, as the twenties often come with a lot of changes in close relationships. I see this being something I do maybe once or twice a year with different photographer friends and settings. I probably blew up close to 200 balloons, half of which I did by mouth and taped to the ceiling ( helium is expensive!!!). The rest I used helium for. I made clear gelatin with fruit stuck in it as a decorative food item and I also made a lot of real food to use. I also got all sorts of accessories to dress everyone up with. One of my new friends in Louisville offered to take the pictures for me and I thought she was the perfect fit! The night was fun, silly and exhausting. But interesting enough, It also gave me a lot of new ideas on things to make out of clay. Cake stands, champagne glasses, more serving bowls, napkin holders, etc. I also got to experience how new people interact with my work in real time. I also learned the stir sticks are too fragile after all, time to add some wooden parts for those.

Image 1: Photo of current work

Image 2: Getting the table area set up for the photoshoot

Image 3: Rough idea for table setting

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