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Studio Update: Week of 11/13-11/19

This week started with my show with Lilly. We started the install on Sunday and finished it up on Monday. We had discused beforehand that there are many similarities between our works and we were set on creating a show that had a fun party theme. The show name was " Fun and Fetti Got Together and Decided it's a Party". We wanted to create some sort of display using the pedestals and ended up wrapping them to look like presents. We then had some present boxes that I fabricated handles for. These boxes then could be lifted up to reveal the pieces. This show was the first time that I have played around with hanging my plates. I look forward to doing more in the future. This week also was the week of the wood kiln, so that took up the rest of my spare time. Although I didnt end up putting any work into this firing, it's still such a great experience to help fire the kiln. Kate and I worked some overnight shifts on our own and I got a lot of good hands on knowledge about how the kiln functions becuase of this. I also accidentally branded my arm with a hot rod after raking the coal bed. Woops!

Image 1: Me and our present display

Image 2: Wide shot of our show

Image 3: Wood Kiln

Image 4: Just a little burn, woops!!!

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