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Studio Update: Week of 11/6- 11/12

This week was a big week for decorating my sculpture. I am feeling really good about this piece and it has me excited to get back into making sculptural work. I think that going back and forth between functional and sculptural pieces works well for me because one definitely informs the other. This week was the start to the space lab shows and Molly, GH, and Autumn showed out. Their show looked so good! It definitely got Lilly and I thinking about how we want to present our show next week. Stay tuned for more information on that next week! We also had the student juried show this week. My roommate and I had our pieces displayed next to each other, which was sweet. We both ended up winning and award as well!

Image 1: Decorating my Sculpture!

Image 2: Space Lab Show: Titled "Grandma's Last Thanksgiving"

Image 3: Kate and I win awards

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