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Studio Update: Week of 10/1/23

This week mainly consisted of decorating work. This is probably the most tedious part of my process but also the most rewarding. The days have been so beautiful outside so it has been a nice little treat to use the spray gun on the studio loading dock. I have watched through some spooky shows in the studio while I decorate and I have been feeling the silent comfort of fall. I also got my pictures back from my photographer friend and I could not be more pleased! Having a big fun dinner party with my work is something that not only helped me conceptualize new forms and functional items to make but it was also such a great way to see how people react to my work in real time. I also am really excited to document the work and the people in my life as both are always changing. I also love hosting and bringing together the people I care about. Cooking is something that I've started to love more this past year as I've been looking for small ways to comfort myself in a time of change. I have enjoyed this opportunity to cook for others as well. I'm hoping this is something I can do maybe twice a year.

Image 1: decorated back of a plate

Image 2: the line up of some plates prepped for decorating

Image 3: one picture from the dinner party photoshoot

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