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Studio Update: Week of 8/28/23

This week I finished up decorating the rest of the work that I threw the previous week and then got to work throwing another batch of functional items. When thinking about how I want my plates to look, I thought a lot about some plates I made over the summer. I had made some "bubble plates" that basically had a hollow donut thrown as the rim. I thought these forms were super fun but after using a couple of the plates at home for a week or two, I decided that I wanted a more classic version of a plate that I could really go crazy with on the decorating. They will also stack easier. I will incorporate things I liked from the previous batch, such as ringed feet that have decorations in between as a little easter egg for when you flip the plate over. I am actively thinking of all the things I have liked and disliked about my most recent batches of work. I am trying to think through how I want to glaze things while in the greenware stage. I will use stripes or dots of glaze as another opportunity to use pattern on a piece. I set a date for a bisque and am letting that be my setting stone for how much I need to accomplish in the next 2 weeks.

Image 1: example of the trimmed feet with patterns

Image 2: fully glazed bubble plates from the summer

Image 3: some greenware plates I am currently working on

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