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Studio Update: Week of 8/21/23

This was the first week back officially in the studio. I spent a lot of the summer adjusting to a new job and doing a lot of random studio things. I helped reorganize and paint the studios in the back of the building because I would be moving into this space once the semester started. I will miss my window from my previous studio space but I'm excited for the privacy that the new one has. I already have lost track of time in ways that I was too distracted for when I was in the main studio space. Blink and 5 hours go by and your back hurts. I have a lot of sketches and plans for what I want to accomplish in this next year and the semester started with a big throwing day. I want to make some drinking cups as a nice little warm up to my new space. I have been starting to feel really confident about my work and looking back I can see so much growth from the past year alone.

Image 1: Goodbye old Studio!

Image 2: Hello new Studio!

Image 3: some cuppies

Image 4: little cortado cup

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