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Studio Update: Week of 4/28- 5/4

This was a pretty chill week in the studio. We were all prepping for our final critiques on Thursday, so not many new projects were under way. I finished decorating my sculpture early in the week. I spent a good deal of time on Wednesday cleaning up my studio. It had gotten really messy since the beginning of this sculpture. It took 4 different mop buckets of water to finally get the floors cleaned. I reorganized my things and set up the space to function best for a productive summer. I also loaded a quick gold luster test on an old mug into the test kiln. I was really pleased with the results and will definitely be using gold luster on more things in the near future.

On Thursday we had our final critiques. I feel so grateful to be in a studio alongside such great artists and friends. I was really proud of all the work we were showing one another. After the critique, Jooby and Kade helped my load my sculpture into the bailey kiln. I am going to dry it for another two weeks or so in the Kiln before firing it. This will be my first time firing that kiln and I am excited for the new experience.

Image 1: The final bits of the decorated bird sculpture

Image 2: loaded sculpture

Image 3: another angle of the loaded sculpture

Image 4: Jooby pinching the mother bird's butt before helping me load her

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