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Studio Update: Week of 4/16/23

This week in the studio was cut short by a needed impromptu visit back home to handle some personal matters. Before I left we had our empty bowls event on Wednesday and were able to raise over 1,000 dollars for the food pantry on campus. I'm thankful for my friend GH who graciously switched his critique date with me so that I could still manage to get everything finished in time as well as watched my dog for me while I was gone. I don't have much to say studio related but I will say that my dog went to the vet the day before I left for his allergies ( he's allergic to grass if you can believe it) and 300 dollars later he had like 6 different medications to take, 2 being ear washes that he will run away from every time. Perfect time for a pet sitter.. not! Maybe that experience will make its way onto a mug.

Image: Oakley in his cone of shame before his vet visit

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