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Studio Update, Week of 2/11- 2/17

After some final trimming and smoothing on the plates I started last week, the main push is on decorating this batch of work. I had scheduled a bisque for sometime later this week and I'm realizing yet again that I overestimated my ability to decorate work that quickly. It was a pipe dream, and I humbly erased my name on the kiln log and pushed it out another week. This is my first functional batch of work trying out the new whiter stoneware so I'm excited to see how it turns out. I also celebrated valentines day with some friends and we decorated cakes, I really enjoyed doing something creative outside of the studio.

Image 1: Some plates before decorating

Image 2: Cups with color, ready for patterns

Image 3: Plates with color

Image 4: My Cake!!

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