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Studio Update: Week of 1/23/23

This week I was crazy productive. I completed two fun serving bowls that are now waiting to dry for a bisque. As I mentioned before, my goal for the bowl sets is to put them aside for the residual soda firing that I will be doing with Gh at the end of February. I plan to make atleast 2 more bowls. One of the bowls is sitting on a "lazy river" of little rubber duckies in inner tubes. When I was making it, I decided to do a little stop motion of a ducky riding it's tube into it's permenant spot on the river. It turned out so cute and made me think a little more about documentation. I want the way I document my work to be on the same level of whimsy fun as my work itself and it's something I've been doing a lot of brainstorming on as I continue down this path of making. I recently painted all my chairs around my kitchen table a pretty lilac and I am planning on taking pictures of my work on a fun/ pretty table setting. ( IE: my staged kitchen table lol) I think it would really fun to add some stop motion documentation in there where the table setting is slowly setting itself up. Something to think about for sure! My test cups turned out good so I spent the second half of the week mixing up 1500g batches of each of the color variants of the new glaze that I plan to use. I then got to glazing. I actually found that I really enjoyed the glazing process this time around now that I have control over it. I enjoyed thinking through where the glaze would work best on each piece. It feels like adding the final highlights to a painting. Anyways, I glazed up most of the bisqued work that I have been saving and loaded it into the kiln. It is firing off this weekend with a 10 minute hold. Someone pray to the kiln gods for me.

Image 1: glazes all mixed and lined up

Image 2: a couple mugs glazed and waiting to be fired

Video : Rubber ducky serving bowl

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