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Studio Update Week 3

Week 3 in the studio! This week was a busy and a productive one. I worked on a couple different things this week. I made some smaller cup sets and a candleholder with some of my smaller arched forms that I originally made for clay tests. I think the small arches have a lot of potential and I like the range in scale that it will allow for my work. I am working on the first attempt at a wall hanging cup set where I will utilize the space below to hang something from the cup with clay chains. I made a base for another hanging bowl and I also made another medium sized arch that I am turning into a cow jumps over the moon cup set. Earlier this week I bisque fired my bigger piece so that I could fit it into the soda firing that my studio neighbor, GH, was putting together on Sunday. Unfortunately, this piece took so long to dry that I ended up having to pop by the studio at 5am before work so that I could get it fired in time. Lots of coffee was drank that day( with my new espresso machine of course!) I put my clay tests in with this bisque so I am finally getting to see some results with those. In the meantime I had come across a beautiful dark clay called brownbear that is sold at Kentucky mudworks. It fires midrange to cone6 which is what I am looking for so I also ordered a couple boxes of that to try out. I think having a couple different clays to use might be beneficial since the raw clay is such a big part of my esthetic. I also started working on some designs in tinkercad so that I can 3d print some things that will be useful to my ceramic practice. And that's about it! I am hoping to get these blogs posted before Monday rolls around but unfortunately I keep losing my hold on what day it is since most of my days contain the same routine, even on the weekends. Woops! Maybe its time to invest in another planner.

Image 1: results of some of my clay tests

Image 2: the soda kiln loaded up

Image 3: tinkering around in tinkercad

Image 4: Oakley guards my clay shipment from kentucky mudworks

Image 5: smaller arches being put to use

Image 6: working on a wall hanging cup set

Image 7: the base of a hanging bowl set

Image 7: the cow jumps over the moon set

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