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Studio Update: Week 12

This week was a hectic one but a good one. I switched gears to wood fire mode and started working on some things to throw into that firing that we will be doing after Thanksgiving. I dont want to make any cup sets for this but instead will focus on forms with fun shapes that i can make multiple of. This week I knocked out some bud vases and some smaller personal items like dog dishes. I also unloaded a glaze kiln with my last batch of mugs. I haven't been this proud of a finished batch of work in such a long time. I feel like I am really starting to nail down all the finishing touches that I want. Wednesday was my studio mate's opening reception for their show and it was also our big sale. I actually sold a decent amount of things. GH sat down with me to talk about pricing work and we worked through just how much it costs to make each item after factoring in clay price per pound, the price to make my engobes and approximately how much I use on each item, glaze prices, firing costs, and labor. Pricing work is always a difficult process but this system will help me feel justified in what I charge. Thanks GH for that! I have been working on my etsy shop and will have a small batch of work for sale within this next week. I will make a blog announcement so those of you who are subscribed can be notified as well.

Image 1: photo taken in Molly and Mandi's show called "A Dream Come True"

Image 2: close up of one of my finished mugs

Image 3: cutting out new shapes to use featuring sleepy oakley

Image 4: a small batch of work I am proud of

Image 5: some bud vases for the wood fire

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