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Studio Update: Week 11

Hi besties. This past week was a busy one! The start of the week was Halloween and also a soda firing grill out. Mandi brought their cat Oatmeal into the studio for part of the day and it was the most well behaved leashed cat I've ever met. Nothing encourages good pottery like a cat on a leash. Some of us dressed up for Halloween, GH dressed their dog, Cinder, as Cinderella for the cookout, and I brought Oakley as a little shark. Ceramics wise, this week was mainly about getting in one last set of mugs for the sale next week and also glaze firing some bigger pieces. We were supposed to have a wood kiln this Sunday but due to an overwhelming feeling of stress in the the studio, we pushed it back to the end of the month. Thank god because I feel pulled so many different ways these next couple weeks already. Pushing the woodfire back took a giant weight off my shoulders this week.

Image 1: a finished cup holder

Image 2: Shark Oakley at the grill out

Image 3: Oatmeal the leashed cat

Image 4: final batch of mugs before the big sale

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