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Studio Update: Week 10

At the beginning of this week I glazed a bunch of the mugs that I made the previous week. I sprayed a light coat of a clear glaze on all of my mugs like I had with some of the tester pieces previously. For some reason though, when these came out of the kiln, they looked great, but the felt like velcro. I'm not really sure what happened but If I had to guess I would say that because that clear glaze is a cone 10 and cone 6 usable glaze, that maybe it just really wanted to go to cone 10 and did not fully finish the glazing process. The insides also had pinholes. Another possibility was that I sprayed too light of a coat. Either way, I resprayed the pieces and put them back through to be refired, with fingers crossed. I unloaded them today and they turned out just fine, crisis averted. I will probably use one of the other clears that I tested for now on. I am glad that it worked out in the end because there are a million different deadlines coming up and I can't afford to be losing big batches of work right now. On the calendar for the next two weeks or so is my critique for the program, a pottery sale, a shared show with another post bacc in the space lab, a wood kiln, and a juried student exhibition. I left the last week feeling pretty overwhelmed but after buying a planner and a visit back home over the weekend, I feel more ready to tackle the next couple of weeks.

Image 1: some things I was working on this week

Image 2: Spraying mugs with glaze

Image 3: Some candle holders in progress for the sale

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